incomplet: a podcast about design history

a podcast about design history

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History is, by nature, never “complete” and almost always a little messy. New information pops up every day that changes or challenges our understanding and interpretations of it. We want to expand our knowledge of graphic design history and really dig into the stories. We believe that differences are strengths, so we want to be inclusive, not only of people but of ideas and technologies that make the history of graphic design so rich. Our mission with the Incomplete Design History podcast is to explore the overlooked, underrepresented, or ignored areas of graphic design history, tell those stories, and make graphic design history a little less Incomplete.

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Mandy became interested in graphic design history while studying graphic design at Oklahoma State University. After graduation she took a year off to work at a dude ranch in Colorado and contemplate life. She decided she wasn’t done with school just yet and immersed herself in graphic design history. MFA in hand, she is now a professor of graphic design at the University of Central Oklahoma where she teaches design theory, criticism, and history of graphic design and is the director of the design history minor.

The idea for the Incomplete Design History podcast came from Mandy’s interest in researching the stories and histories outside of the ‘official’ design canon for class, and her desire to share these stories beyond the classroom.

Mandy is a feminist who lives with her partner Ray, their deaf dog Solo, who is a certified therapy dog, two cats Rocky and Gypsy, who are certified for nothing, and wishes she lived closer to her two horses Rambo and Bogie. In her free time she likes to ride horses, go to the dog park, work in the garden and read all the books. For stress relief she likes to practice hand lettering and calligraphy techniques and has an obsession with buying pens.

our team

Research Assistants (Season 1):

Kayla Sinclair & Shayne Valencia

Research Assistants (Season 2):

Ebony Sayles & Dean Kelly

Story Editor:

Spencer Gee

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By the University of Central Oklahoma’s Center for eLearning and Connected Environments (CeCE)


Christina Giacona and Patrick Conlon of Onyx Lane

Our Thanks:

All episodes from seasons 1 and 2 were produced with the aid of a grant from the University of Central Oklahoma.