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Bea Feitler

    Bea Feitler was a graphic designer, art director, educator, and a mentor to young professionals. Originally from Brazil, Feitler eventually found her home in New York City and made a name for herself in the magazine industry. Early on in her career she was named co-art director of Harper’s Bazaar along with Ruth Ansel—both having served as graphic designers under art director Marvin Israel (1924–85) who had been one of Feitler’s instructors at Parsons. Known for taking chances, Feitler and Ansel pushed Harper’s to its limits. Under Feitler’s and Ansel’s direction, Harper’s became one of the first national publications to photograph and feature an African American model. After leaving Harper’s, Feitler got involved with Ms., a liberal feminist publication founded by Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes. At Ms. Magazine, Feitler was responsible for many controversial covers including one for a December (Christmas) issue, which featured the slogan “Peace on Earth, Good Will toward People”, revising the historically patriarchal statement “Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Men.” Despite a relatively short career, due to her untimely death at age 44, she made a significant impact on magazine design while also taking a stand for feminism and equality. 


    1938 – b Rio de Janeiro
    1959 – Attended Parson’s School of Design
    1959 – Founds Estudio G in Rio de Janeiro
    1961 – Returns to New York as assistant to Marvin Israel at Harper’s Bazaar
    1963 (62?) – Named art director at Harper’s Bazaar (with Ruth Ansel)
    1965 – First to hire black model in popular U.S. fashion magazine, Harper's Bazaar
    1971 – Named art director of startup magazine Ms.
    1972 – Left Harper’s Bazaar, transitions to full-time at Ms.
    1976 – Left Ms. to start her own company
    1982 – d Rio de Janeiro, April 8
    1989 – AIGA Medal awarded, posthumously
    1991 – Inducted into the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame, posthumously


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