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Ray Eames

    Ray Eames was a graphic designer and abstract artist at the height of the post war era. She studied abstract art with Hans Hoffman for six years before meeting and moving to California with her husband, Charles Eames, in 1941. Ray was not professionally trained as a designer but was deeply involved in the design process. She combined her abstract sensibilities with her interest in structure and form. The Eames are most well-known for developing molded plywood chairs and other furniture that blurred the line between playfulness and function. The Eames Office did more than just design furniture. They worked on ads, packaging, exhibition spaces, toys, and even films. The Eames Office was incredibly collaborative, and everyone at the office was involved in every project. As a result, Ray never claimed any design as her own. However, she was responsible for some textile designs and magazine cover illustrations for the Arts and Architecture publication. Ray was in her element when it came to color and arrangements. She arranged furniture exhibits for Herman Miller and designed the color schemes for her own home. It’s not hyperbole to say the furniture and designs that came out of the Eames Office defined a generation and they have Ray’s influence written all over them.


    1912 – b Sacramento, California
    1931 – May Friend Bennett School for Girls 
    1932 – mentor at Hans Hoffman studio for 6 years
    1940 – moved to Michigan, studied at Cranbrook Academy of Art
    1941 – married Charles Eames
    1943 – Eames office established
    1942-1947 – covers for Arts and Architecture magazine
    1946 – Ray Eames pattern designs made 
    1953 – Deborah Sussman hired at Eames office
    1957 – Day of the Dead film
    1959 – Moscow World’s Fair
    2010 – Eames exhibit made by Deborah Sussman and Andrew Byrom


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